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We believe in providing customer service beyond your expectation. So give us a call or visit our office, and immerse yourself in the quiet comfort of people that truly care for you.

1. Communication – We use technology to increase communication levels. Messages out to agents in the field via alphanumeric paging.

2. Flexibility – What good is communication with any Realtor if he/she does not have the flexibility to offer a variety; of services to you? We have many special and unique services which can meet specific needs!

3. A history of success – We have had remarkable success using personal care that is best achieved with smaller companies.

4. Honesty – We believe in empowering you with knowledge. We never decide what is best for you. We present your available options and help you decide what is best for you.

5. Listening – A great agent will listen to your special concerns and needs. We take time to truly listen to your desires! Each and every client is of utmost importance!

6. Momentum – We have the tools and ability to keep a Real Estate transaction moving to the desired conclusion. Each agent is skilled in searching, negotiation, problem solving, documentation, monitoring, and execution!

7. Training – Each agent is trained beyond the industry average. In fact, most are graduates from the prestigious Graduate Real Estate Institute (GRI) or are working on their GRI to stay at Capt Rich Wittig Realty Some Agents including the Owner/Broker, Rich Wittig, have Advanced University Graduate Degrees, an MBA with Finance as one of their TWO their majors plus the GRI certificate. Check our competitors and compare.

8. Inner Competitiveness – There is nothing that can create problems faster than misdirected conflict. We have synergy unique to smaller firms. We work together and never in an out-for-oneself attitude.

9. Underdog? – You have heard that the underdog tries harder? It is true! We adhere to this philosophy, and apply it towards achieving a higher level of service.

10. Buyer/Seller Empowerment – We strive to achieve a higher standard of success by providing sellers and buyers with usable knowledge. We have many brochures that cover issues from lead paint, title insurance to investments aids and more! This WEB SITE has many informational folders that you can click on to read at your leisure, in the comfort of your home of office. Click around this site and explore. Give us a call for more info.

11. Results – They are not just part of our business, there are our business!

12. Integrity – We are bound to the highest standards of business integrity through local and national real estate associations and boards. Care – Ever hear – “They do things the way they used to? Well at Capt Rich Wittig Realty  we are actively attempting to provide a vintage, time tested level of care and service long forgotten by many companies!

13. Satisfaction – We believe in complete client satisfaction & it shows! We send out a comprehensive comment brochure to every one of our clients. This helps us monitor our agent’s performance and level of service we provide! We would be proud for you to preview past comments of satisfied clients!

The best suggestion of all is to have an interview with Rich Wittig. Rich as your Broker/Owner of Capt Rich Wittig Realty will probably surprise you with many skills, options, and programs that can aid you. There is NO charge for Talk. NO Pressure.

As a Review:

  • We provide premium negotiation skills to obtain the best price possible.
  • We apply honesty and confidentially to every transaction
  • We provide accurate consultation
  • We arrange for a selection of seasoned financing brokers for you to interview
  • We assist with all home in inspections
  • We support YOUR desires and choices
  • At Capt. Rich Wittig Realty, we empower you with facts and knowledge
  • We can assist you with repair contractor selection help, if needed
  • We assist with closing issues and authority.

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