Checklist For sale by owner

All the things that "should" be done when selling your Pensacola Real Estate!

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) self help checklist. – SINGLE FAMILY HOME

Please contact me for those points you are unable to access, verify, This is the minimum required to get a house sold quickly for the largest possible dollar. WOW A LONG LIST!

Yes some of the below can be skipped or assigned to the Closing agents and Yes you can call or email Capt Rich Wittig Realty, Capt Rich to do this work for you! Remember, we ONLY get paid upon success. We don’t charge seller’s for EFFORTS.

Item Pre-Listing Checklist

  1. Research ownership
  2. Research legal description
  3. Assessment & status
  4. Research all comparable currently listed properties
  5. Research previous sales activity, expire, active
  6. Order property profile from title company/land titles
  7. Review property profile
  8. Access tax information ordered
  9. Review tax information
  10. Research legal names on title
  11. Complete market study, prepared (CMA) and total market overview (TMO)
  12. Enter in pre-list software or MLS
  13. Send confirmation of listing appointment
  14. Prepare listing presentation
  15. Assign Excalibur 24hr Talking Ad Code To Property
  16. Write a selling script for this property from details gathered and your knowledge of the area
  17. Record selling script into 24hr Talking Ad Code
  18. Prepare letter or post card with your 1-800 24 hr Talking Ad number and code. Include with Video or pre -listing package.
  19. Have pre-listing package delivered to seller
  20. Call to confirm appointment with seller, ask pre-appointment questions you may have
  21. Good luck with your listing presentation
  22. Present market study to seller, including comparable/s, sold/s, current listings & expired
  23. Present strategic master marketing plan to seller
  24. Call your 1-800 24hr talking ad and have seller listen to their listing. You may also have the email notice to your cel phone or pager. Mr. Seller “We respond immediately to all calls on your property”
  25. Discuss preparation needed to market effectively
  26. Plan goals with seller
  27. Present plan of action to seller
  28. Suggest financing alternatives
  29. Listing contract & addendum/s signed by seller
  30. Property disclosure form filled out and signed
  31. Job well done you got the listing
  32. Pre-listing information package picked up
  33. Ask Seller for a referral. “Do you know anyone thinking of selling that could benefit from this level of home marketing service?”
  34. Video picked up for recycling or seller gives to friend
  35. Pre-listing checklist completed

Item Listing Checklist

  1. Open file on new listing
  2. Advise staff of new listing
  3. Review current title information
  4. Order plot map
  5. Lot size confirmed
  6. Owners house plans received if applicable
  7. House plans reviewed
  8. Organize file in proper order
  9. Make contact cards
  10. Put into letter sequence
  11. Order Just Listed post cards or door hangers
  12. Rewrite your – hr Talking Ad Script for this property
  13. Record revised script in assigned code
  14. Prepared sign rider with assigned your -# & hr Talking Ad Code
  15. Have Sign installed With hr Talking Ad Sign Rider
  16. Call owner to schedule caravan/office tour/MLS tour
  17. Prepare flyers and feedback form and faxes for caravan (Include your -# & hr Talking Ad Code)
  18. Interior room sizes measured
  19. Exterior home dimensions plotted/measured
  20. Ask seller for copies of any warranties still in place and transferable
  21. Year home was built researched
  22. Property disclosure delivered
  23. Property data sheet prepared for office
  24. Showing instructions prepared, office notified
  25. Loan/Mortgage Company & Loan/Mortgage Number, Sellers Lawyer information, provided by Seller
  26. Written permission from the seller to obtain information from the lender/mortgage
  27. Current loan/mortgage information verified by lender
  28. Loan/mortgage assumption requirements researched
  29. Second loan/mortgage company & loan/mortgage number provided by seller
  30. Second loan/mortgage information verified with lender
  31. Review current appraisal if available
  32. Lot information researched for size & dimensions
  33. Land use researched
  34. Zoning researched
  35. Required elementary school researched
  36. Required junior high school researched
  37. Required high school researched
  38. Home owner association manager contacted
  39. Homeowner association fee researched
  40. Copy Of By-Laws, Financial Statements, Rules And Regs if property is in a building scheme or fenced community
  41. Home owner association services provided
  42. Have extra key for lock box
  43. Lock box installed
  44. “Terms” Sign Installed (Bright Ugly Attention Getting Sign) with only your – and the hr Talking Ad code and your USP
  45. Brochure box installed
  46. Average utilities researched
  47. Sewer/septic system researched
  48. Electric bills researched
  49. Water fees or rates researched
  50. Natural gas availability researched
  51. Propane tank lease term and rate verified
  52. Oil tank lease term and rate verified
  53. Property inclusions and amenities are noted
  54. Ads written with seller’s input
  55. Color photos taken
  56. Power of attorney reviewed and filed
  57. All prorating are researched and noted
  58. All rents and deposits are verified
  59. Copy of leases provided
  60. Set meeting with tenant, create working relationship, set showing schedule, tenant as potential buyer
  61. Coordinate showings with tenant
  62. First right of refusal verified
  63. Repairs and maintenance noted/completed
  64. Property disclosure form posted
  65. Home owner warranty made available
  66. Home owner warranty application completed
  67. Home owner warranty application mailed
  68. Home owner warranty received
  69. Home owner warranty filed
  70. New listing entered into MLS system “Add your -# & hr Talking Ad Code to the remarks section”
  71. Listing Checklist Complete

Marketing Checklist

  1. Add property to office active inventory list
  2. Confirm owner has a copy of the listing agreement
  3. Proof MLS computer printout
  4. Marketing flyer prepared (Include your -# & hr Talking Ad Code)
  5. Add new listing to your web site and include Excalibur E-Ad Audio Link for this listing
  6. Email message prepared with your -#, hr Talking Ad code and hot link to this listing on your web site
  7. Marketing flyer mailed to seller for review
  8. Marketing flyer delivered to brochure box
  9. Load Fax Back Material (Flyer, Your profile sheet, Location Map, Mortgage Qualification Sheet, etc.) Into your -# & hr Talking Ad Code for this property
  10. Put marketing flyers in all agent mail boxes at all board offices
  11. Email blast to top % agents in area
  12. Email blast to your data base of potential buyers
  13. Email blast to preferred brokers
  14. Promote at office sales meeting
  15. Include in office tour of new listings
  16. Include in MLS/caravan of new listings
  17. Promote At Board Of Realtors Meeting, leads group, etc.
  18. Mail out “just listed” announcements to neighborhood
  19. Advise network referral program
  20. Notify your Buyer agents of new listing
  21. Assigned Buyer’s Agents follows-up on each audio E-lead from
  22. the Excalibur system “your -# & hr Talking Ad Code”
  23. Provide marketing data to incoming referral buyers
  24. Provide “special feature” cards for marketing (if applicable)
  25. Write Ad for newspaper (Include your -# & hr Talking Ad Code)
  26. Advertise in paper on rotating basis
  27. Mail copy of newspaper ad to seller
  28. Write Ad for homes magazines (Include your -# & hr Talking Ad Code)
  29. Advertise in homes magazines
  30. Mail copy of homes magazines to seller
  31. Post just listed card with your -# & hr Talking Ad Code on local public notice boards
  32. Give to yourseller to handout to people in their area of influence [ringing cards available from Excalibur]
  33. Include in Real Estate insider newspaper
  34. Include in your next newsletter
  35. Loan/mortgage information reviewed and filed
  36. Loan/mortgage information updated if necessary in MLS
  37. Feedback faxed or emailed to agents after showings
  38. Showing Feedback with activity report from the Excalibur system Conveyed To Sellers Weekly
  39. Weekly market study reviewed
  40. Regular calls to seller to discuss marketing and pricing
  41. Prepare information for homes TV show
  42. Write TV Script (Include your -# & hr Talking Ad Code)
  43. Pre-qualify all buyers when possible
  44. Price change entered into MLS computer
  45. Record price reduction message into the secondary message of your – hr Talking Ad Code
  46. Price change announced to all agents
  47. Price change on flyers
  48. New flyers delivered as needed
  49. Refer seller to one of the best agents at their Out-Of-Town destination if applicable
  50. Fax or email seller profile and a commission confirmation form
  51. Marketing Checklist Complete

Item Initial Offer Checklist

  1. Offer received
  2. Offer reviewed with agent
  3. Discuss buyers qualifications & offer
  4. Offer reviewed with seller
  5. All responses are reviewed
  6. All needed forms are presented to complete the sale
  7. Offer is accepted, amended or countered
  8. Signed offer is delivered to buyer’s agent
  9. Contract is signed by all parties
  10. Initial Offer Checklist Complete

Item Under Contract/Offer Checklist

  1. Copies of contract to seller
  2. Copies Of Contract For working file
  3. Copies of contract in office file
  4. Original documents filed with buyer’s agent obtaining offer
  5. Sales in progress checklist completed
  6. Earnest money/deposit is recorded
  7. Earnest money/deposit is deposited in agency escrow/trust account
  8. Closing file forms and files updated
  9. Showings are restricted as seller requests
  10. Coordinate with buyer’s agent and lender
  11. Fax copies of contract and addendum/s to lender
  12. Confirm purchase is pre-qualified
  13. Review credit report results
  14. Provide credit information to seller
  15. Assist in arranging financing
  16. Coordinate Discount Points/Interest Rate Pre -approval Being Locked With Closing Dates
  17. Provide comparable sales for appraiser
  18. Schedule building inspection if applicable
  19. Follow-up and review results with seller and buyer
  20. Schedule pest control inspection if applicable
  21. Follow-up and review results with seller and buyer
  22. Schedule appraisal
  23. Follow-up on appraisal
  24. Appeal for increase if appraisal is low
  25. Confirm verifications of deposit and employment have been returned
  26. Follow loan/mortgage processing through to the underwriter
  27. Contact lender weekly to track processing
  28. Relay loan status to seller
  29. Fax copies of contract and addendum/s to the title company/lawyer
  30. Fax closing and control form to the title company/lawyer
  31. Confirm loan/mortgage payoff statement created
  32. Confirm loan/mortgage assumption statement ordered
  33. Contact existing lender for assumption requirements
  34. Compile all required items for assumption
  35. Submit all required items for assumption
  36. Order title insurance commitment
  37. Review title insurance commitment
  38. Confirm purchaser received title insurance commitment
  39. Confirm selling agent received title insurance commitment
  40. Note title insurance requirements
  41. Coordinate meeting all title insurance requirements
  42. Have buyers hazard insurance delivered
  43. Provide “home owners warranty” for closing
  44. Coordinate home inspection
  45. Review the home inspection results
  46. Negotiate the payment and completion of all required repairs
  47. Inspection clause requirements completed
  48. Septic inspection ordered
  49. Septic report received and reviewed
  50. Copy of septic inspection report delivered to lender and buyer
  51. Copy of septic inspection report filed
  52. Well flow test ordered
  53. Well flow test report received and reviewed
  54. Copy of well flow test report delivered to lender & buyer
  55. Copy of well flow test report filed
  56. Water quality test ordered
  57. Water quality test received & reviewed
  58. Copy of water quality test delivered to lender & buyer
  59. Copy of water quality test filed
  60. Loan/mortgage approved
  61. Closing location selected
  62. Closing date confirmed
  63. Closing time scheduled with seller
  64. Closing time schedule with title company/attorney
  65. Closing time scheduled with lender/attorney
  66. Closing time scheduled with selling agent
  67. Closing time scheduled with buyer
  68. Final walk through scheduled for buyer
  69. Closing figures requested from title company/attorney
  70. Closing figures received and reviewed
  71. Closing figures forwarded to buyer
  72. Closing documents requested
  73. Confer and review documents with seller’s attorney
  74. Provide earnest money check for escrow/trust accounts
  75. Oversee the entire closing process
  76. Coordinate this closing with seller’s next purchase
  77. Under Contract/Offer Accepted Checklist

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Item Post-Listing Checklist

  1. Up-date sellers information in data base
  2. Add buyers information to data base
  3. Set follow-up alerts in data base for both buyer and seller
  4. Remove lawn signs, lock box, etc.
  5. Reassign hr Talking Ad Code To Another New Listing
  6. Generate seller’s “thank you letter”
  7. Generate buyer’s “thank you letter”
  8. Have your new home owner’s package personally delivered
  9. Have a small box of business cards made for buyer
  10. Inform welcome wagon of new owner
  11. Add this buyer to your “client for life” marketing and referral program
  12. Post-Listing Checklist Complete

Item Other Points a Real Estate Agent, Buyers and Seller should be aware of if applicable to the area

  1. Radon Gas testing, monitoring and review
  2. Asbestos testing, monitoring and review
  3. Lead testing, monitoring and review
  4. Hazardous Wastes testing, monitoring and review
  5. Ground Water Contamination testing, monitoring and review
  6. Formaldehyde testing, monitoring and review
  7. Special area tax, special community tax, etc.
  8. Road allowances and right-of-ways
  9. High water mark, water’s edge, shore road allowance and water right-of-ways

Have you forgotten anything? Review and Recheck

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