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Pensacola Real Estate Buyers – Are you looking for a great place to live in the Greater Pensacola Real Estate area?  Looking for that Experienced Real Estate Agent or even a Real Estate Broker? We can help in your search – Pensacola prices have rebounded quite a bit since the real estate crash of the 2008/2009 years. After all the dust settled on the many over Extended buyers, speculators, and builders, true value is showing through. This area prices are quite inexpensive now.

Pensacola first and foremost is a Northern Florida Gulf of Mexico small Southern City. It was first settled In 1559. Tristan de Luna established a short-lived settlement at Pensacola Bay; it is considered one of the first European-established settlements in what is now the continental United States but was abandoned. Many barrier island areas have been redeveloped for Pensacola condos and houses, increasing some of the risks of storm damage, as the islands always shift. Other areas remain undeveloped, and the Gulf Islands National Seashore is protected as a United States Federal park.

Pensacola Waterfont | Gulf Breeze | Pensacola Beach | Perdido Key | Innerarity

Pensacola Waterfront

Pensacola Florida Downtown photo

City of Pensacola Florida

The major beach areas, starting from the Western Pensacola area and the border with Alabama is Perdido Key Florida and Pensacola Beach.  Perdido Key is a small Island bordered to the South by the Gulf of Mexico and its clear blue waters. The beach at Perdido Key has “sugar White” sand. Many Perdido condominiums are beach front here. There are a lucky few that have single family homes on the beach front and they share their great location with the beach goers and Perdido condo dwellers. For water access, there is a Florida State park on Perdido Key along with the Gulf Island’s National Sea-Shore. The Federal beach runs from about mid island to the extreme eastern edge of Perdido key which also is a deep water ship entry.

Pensacola Pass Harbor entry

Pensacola Pass Entry

Pensacola Beach

Pensacola Beach

The Perdido Condos and Single Family Perdido Beach homes including a few inland Island homes are in the most expensive category for the area. These prices are still MUCH more reasonable when contrasted with South Florida’s beach front areas. A very good VALUE in today’s market.

On the South Eastern edge of Pensacola is Pensacola Beach and Santa Rosa Island This beach has been ranked in the TOP 25 WORLD-WIDE and usually in the top 5 in the United States. There are again Pensacola Beach Condos and single family Pensacola Beach homes bordering the Beach Front and a few inland on the island. Many commercial establishments are here for your enjoyment. As you would expect, prices for Pensacola Beach Real Estate is among the highest in this area. Prices are REASONABLE and quite a good value contrasted with South Florida or Europe. The Beach is not so crowded that you have to step over many beach goers just to get to the water! Clean Beach, Clean Waters of the Gulf of Mexico

Surrounding us there are quite a bit of inland, River, and Gulf of Mexico water areas.:

A short Pensacola area review of what is available in Water related areas

Perdido Key

Intracoastal Water way

Innerarity Island | Russell Bayou

Innerarity Island | Intracoastal Waterway

INTRACOASTAL WATERWAY: This is a boatable waterway that runs on the extreme South side of the Florida “Panhandle”. Pensacola, Escambia, Gulf Breeze and Santa Rosa Counties. Great Safe boating and many protected swimming areas for you to enjoy.  This is an area that you are not subject to the vicissitudes of the Gulf of Mexico open Gulf Waters.

Innerarity island Photo

Innerarity Island

Perdido Bay: A moderate sized bay running generally North and South with the Intracoastal Waterway at the Southern end and the Perdido River at the North end.  Going North from the Perdido Bay into the Perdido River this river leads into the Styx River This entire Riverine system is accessible by smaller power boats sometimes up to Hwy 90. This bay surrounds the area called Innerarity Island.

Innerarity Island is bordered to the South by the Intracoastal Waterway and to the North Perdido Bay. There are NO commercial buildings or establishments on the Island. Currently, there are about 170 homes within the Gated entry of Innerarity Island. The island Residents have a safe place to walk, bike ride, or just sit back and enjoy the oak lined island environment. Innerarity Island Building lots are still quite reasonable with many desirable lot locations available.

PENSACOLA BAY: This is a larger protected bay that at one time held a US Aircraft Carrier used for training. The Bay generally runs North and South. To the South of this bay lies Gulf Breeze and Pensacola Beach, to the North the Village of Pace just under U.S. Federal Hwy 10 bridge.

The East Branch of Pensacola Bay lies “EAST BAY” again lying general North and South. Again to the South is Gulf Breeze and the Village of Navarre, to the North is the village Bagdad and Hwy 8.

The unique thing about this area is that you can boat and swim in very protected waters of the Bay’s and Rivers but you also have easy access to the “sugar” white sand beaches of the Northern Gulf of Mexico which includes: Gulf Islands National Sea-Shore, Perdido Key, Pensacola Beach, Navarre Beach, Santa Rosa Island  including Okaloosa Island.

There are many inlets, bayous, and rivulets that have wonderful homes and vacant lots that have access to all these water features.

Barge View - Pensacola ICW

Intracoastal Waterway Barge Traffic

If you are NOT a boating enthusiast but enjoy looking at wildlife or possibly a passing yacht or working shrimp boat or barge, you may have found your spot in Paradise on Earth here. Give us a call to discuss your interests.


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