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Mortgage pre-approval

Mortgage Pre Approval – To submit an online Pensacola area Mortgage application, fill in the requested information and select SEND below. All information is considered confidential. We provide this tool for your use and to simplify your Real Estate purchase by getting a dollar figure you would be approved for. As a result, you would have some idea of your standing in the Credit area for a major purchase.

YOU HEREBY GIVE Authorization to Capt Rich Wittig Realty, Richard Wittig Sr, Broker and his/their assigns to obtain my credit report. Verification or re-verification of any information contained in this form may be made at any time by Capt Rich Wittig Realty, Richard Wittig Sr. , Broker and his/their assigns, it agents, affiliates, either directly, through a credit reporting agency, third party, or lending institution. (also see this Authorization below) This form will be forwarded to Three (3) HIGH- QUALITY Pre-Approved Companies that make RESIDENTIAL LOANS IN THE AREA.

By filling this out you give us permission to forward this confidential information to these firms ONLY. Finally, this information will not be sold, published, or used in any other manner other than a Mortgage Pre-Application for you. Note: If , for some reason, you do not wish to submit the following information via the Internet, please print this form, fill it out, and fax to ( 850 ) 492-5654. Use the tab key or the mouse to move through the fields below. If you have an inquiry that you would like to send by email, you can contact us.

Just a note, getting a pre-approval for the maximum loan that you are currently qualified for will assist you in your real estate search.  You can narrow your maximum price and not be disappointed when you find that perfect home you can afford. Call or email us.


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