Financing your U.S. Investments – Florida Mortgage for U.K. & Other non – US Investors

Foreign Investors in Florida - European Investors - Central/South American Investors - Asian Investors Welcome

US Investments – A Pensacola Mortgage can be arranged very easily through the Florida banking system in the U.S., they are extremely receptive to the U.K. market and “most” non-US Investors and subsequently financing a property in Florida is a simple exercise. We are very experienced in Real Estate Purchase and Sales.

An 80% minimal status mortgage usually only requires a reference letter from a bank or building society and/or confirmation of earning from your employer. If self-employed an accountants reference will usually suffice and possibly the last two years tax returns and/or three months previous consecutive bank statements

A good faith estimate and to become pre-qualified on a mortgage allows you the benefit of knowing exactly what the financial implications are for your personal requirements. To become pre-qualified or receive any further information, please feel free to contact Capt Rich Wittig Realty. at any time.

One specific area that all Foreign buyers and investors should become aware of is Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA) We can forward this full act and its possible implications to you in a computer translated email. The translations are NOT perfect but I’m sure you can understand it given a little extra time when reading.

There are numerous variables that can be explored regarding the financing of your new Florida or Alabama Gulf Coastal home and when you visit the area we can arrange a completely non-obligatory meeting with a senior official, to enable you to clarify any specific points or concerns. Give us a call (remember the time difference please) or email.  If you feel more comfortable with a FAX, please do not hesitate to FAX.

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